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  General Information

The island known now as Eleuthera was called Cigatoo by the Aborignes. It was renamed Eleuthera, which is Greek for freedom, by the British. The “Island of Freedom” is a popular tourist location where you will discover miles and miles of unspoiled white and pink sand beaches.

Stretching some 110 miles long, Eleuthera is the longest island in the Bahamas. The width of the island ranges from six miles to just under a mile. Eleuthera is located just 200 miles from Florida and 60 miles from Nassau, Bahamas. Map Of Eleuthera

Eleuthera’s mainland is divided into north and south regions. The Glass Window, which is a bridge that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, provides the link between North and South Eleuthera. Eleuthera is covered with beaches in both the north and south. You will also find a different town every five to ten miles, while you are traveling along the island.

Every June, Eleuthera hosts the annual Pineapple Festival, which features a junkaroo parade, craft shows, dancing, a pineapple recipe contest, tours of pineapple farms & the Pineatholon (.5 mile swim, 3 mile run & 4.5 mile bike). Eleuthera is also the site of three major annual sailing regattas: the South Eleuthera Homecoming and Regatta - in April; All Eleuthera Regatta, in Governor's Harbour - first week of August; and North Eleuthera Regatta - Discovery Day, in October. In addition to these wonderful events, Eleuthera offers wonderful deep sea fishing, bone fishing, surfing, cliff climbing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and much more!

Please feel free to contact the Eleuthera & Harbour Island Ministry of Tourism
at: 1-242-332-2142, for more activity information!

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