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  Sight Seeing


  • Glass Window Bridge
  • Island School
  • Lighthouse Point
  • Ocean Hole
  • Preacher’s Cave
  • Queen's Bath & Island School

Glass Window Bridge

The Link between North and South Eleuthera

Named after artist Homer Winslow’s painting of the bridge, the “Glass Window” bridge connects North and South Eleuthera and is the narrowest point on the island.  “Glass Window” describes the opening that connects the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.  Visitors will experience spectacular views of the water and can even climb the rocks below the bridge.  Just be careful, because the powerful Atlantic surf pounds against the narrow cut underneath the Glass Window. 

Getting to the Glass Window is simple.  Those in the south, travel north.  Those in the north, travel south.  You can’t miss this spectacular site! 

The Island School

A Catalyst in the Global Transition

Chris and Pam Maxey founded The Island School in 1998 with the goal of conserving the wild population of marine life by providing alternative food sources and jobs for the people of South Eleuthera.  The school is associated with Lawrenceville Academy in New Jersey, and it accepts students for semesters to orient them to the ecology of the Sea.  Located in Cape Eleuthera, this unique school is one of the few places on the island that uses solar energy for part of the school’s power needs.

Lighthouse Point

The Legend of Light House Point

Lighthouse Point is located on the southern tip of Eleuthera. A light house was operated at the point from the early 1800s until the late 1940s.  Legend has it that, in the early 1800s, the residents of the area would occasionally move the light causing ships to wreck on the rocks. They could then salvage the ship’s goods. The light would certainly be on after the wreck and, although the locals never admitted to any wrongdoing, they did live very well.  A trip to “Lighthouse Point” to view and photograph the old light house is a must. 

Ocean Hole

A Natural Wonder

Ocean Hole is a very interesting site in Ocean Hole Park, located in the middle of the town of Rock Sound.  Ocean Hole has been described as a large rock swimming pool.  It fills up with fresh appearing sea water, which rises and falls with the tide. Plenty of ocean fish make their way to the hole as well. This natural wonder is highly recommended for visitors to Eleuthera.   


Preachers Cave

The Adventurers’ Haven

Preachers Cave has an interesting history and is known as a haven for adventurers.  It was founded in 1647 by William Sayles and his band of adventurers, who set out from Bermuda in search of new lands and religious freedom.  After two months of sailing, Sayles’ crew hit a coral reef, stranding them near a large cavern on the northern end of Eleuthera.  With minimal supplies, the outlook for the adventurers was bleak.  They prayed for their survival. 

The adventurers’ last hope was a small boat that set sail for the long journey to the Massachusetts Bay colony to request emergency food and supplies.  Upon reaching Boston, the small group received all the necessary provisions and returned to save the remaining adventurers.  Out of gratitude, the Eleutherans later sent a shipload of very valuable Barziletto wood to Boston, with instructions to sell and donate the proceeds to Harvard College.   

In memory of these events, the large cavern where Sayles and his adventurers took refuge is called "Preachers Cave".  It is located near Spanish Wells and signs will direct you to its exact location. 

Queen’s Baths

Just south of the Glass Window Bridge, look for a row of sawed-off pine tree stumps on the Atlantic side (left side going south). Park in small pull off. Walk over rocks to cliffs. Peer down and see rock pools etched out by the wave action; a cave is behind them. You can go down there at low tide when the weather is calm and float around in the pools, which are filled with live shells and little fish. DO NOT EVEN TRY when the sea is rough. You could be washed away!!!!

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